ECS 100 – Final Reflection

Hello everyone!

For my ECS 100 class I was tasked with creating an E-portfolio. In my EDTC 300 course, I made this blog as a way to ensure that my name is out there on the internet and it is accurately representing who I am as a professional teacher.

In this blog, I have a page that describes who I am. I also have a page that describes what my teaching philosophy is. There is an area that is open for lesson plans and teaching resources. Finally, I have a section that contains the assignments and blog posts for my courses. Feel free to browse around my blog to look at all of these aspects that I have been working on in the past two semesters. I plan on continuing to use this blog in my future classes and add to my teaching philosophy as I gain more knowledge as an educator.

This semester has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. I have had some good days and some bad, but overall I have grown a lot as a professional. I did not think I could easily state everything that I have learnt this semester so I decided to highlight some of my most important things that I have learnt and moments in this semester.

The link to my prezi is right here. I hope you enjoy looking through it.

Thank you for taking the time looking my blog, going through my prezi and reading this post!

Ashley Osachoff