Before My Great EDTC 400 Debate

Hello everyone!

So it is the week before the break and I am crazy busy. This week in EDTC 400 I will be hosting my very first debate. I am pretty nervous, but excited to see how it goes.

For my EDTC 400 debate, I chose the topic “Openness and sharing in schools is unfair to students”. I chose to agree with this statement and I will be arguing my case tonight in EDTC 400.

For this debate I did quite a lot of research on both sides of this topic (mainly because I thought I was on the ‘disagree’ side at first). With all the research I did I came across a lot of great websites and articles that helped me back up my claim that sharing in schools is unfair to students. I came across three very important articles that I think all of my fellow EDTC 400 classmates should take a look at.

The first article that everyone should read is “Teens speak: Should students publish their school work online?” This article discusses the reasoning that teens have against publically sharing their work online and instead keeping their assignments private. This article also gives the reasons why some students chose to publically post their assignments on their blogs. The important take away from this article is that teens had the choice to how they wished to share their work online.

The second article that everyone should read is “Should You Use Student Photos Online?” This article discusses some of the dangers of posting student images online. It gives recommendations for how to post photos of students online while keep student identity private if teachers decide to post images online. Overall this article shows the “Do’s and Don’ts” of posting student images online.

The third article that I suggest everyone should take a look at it geared more towards parents, but many of the concerns transfer to schools as well. This article is “The pros and cons of sharing your kids photos online”. It discusses some of the risks that are associated with sharing images of children online. It gives five reasons why parents (and teachers) should think twice before they decide to post an image of a child (or student) online.

These are just three of the important articles that I would like my fellow classmates to look at, but I used eight other articles to get my information to create my opening debate video that is below.

Here is also a link to the script that I used for my video if you are having a difficult time hearing me.

Here is a list of the websites or blogs that I used to help inform my debate.

Study: Cyberbullying and cyberstalking among Internet users aged 15 to 29 in Canada

Understanding Teens, Privacy, and Online Identity

Does sharing photos of your children on Facebook put them at risk?

Posting Pictures to a School Website

Sharing Student Work – Online Network of Educators

Obtaining Permission to Blog With Students

Change Student blog privacy

Do Parents Invade Children’s Privacy When They Post Photos Online?

I am looking forward to having my debate tonight. I will be posting soon to share how it all went!

Thanks for reading my blog post!

Ashley Osachoff

3 thoughts on “Before My Great EDTC 400 Debate

  1. Hey Ashley!
    I just wanted to pop in and say I think you did a really good job with your debate! To be honest, I was totally on Dryden’s side when the debate began but you brought up some really great points! It was a very well organized debate and you did a good job of responding to your opponent and the class in general! While I am still on board with sharing, I am definitely looking at it in a different light after this debate! Thanks for encouraging some critical thinking!

    -Lauren Sauser

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