A Quick Introduction to Me!

Hello everyone!

My name is Ashley Osachoff. I am currently enrolled in Secondary Education, majoring in Math and minoring in Inclusive Education. I love working with students of all abilities and my true passion lies with working with students that have exceptionalities. I am currently employed by the Saskatchewan Health Authority as an Autism Interventionist. Anyone that knows me knows that I love my job and I love talking about how much fun I have with the kids I have the privilege of working with. Besides being busy with work and school, I love watching shows on TV or on Netflix and going to the gym regularly.In the summer I love to be outside and go camping and hiking. Below is a picture of me in the summer during my trip to Jasper, Alberta.

On a hike in Jasper this summer!

This is my second class about education technology. I took EDTC 300 in the spring last year and I learnt so much. The biggest thing I learnt last year was how to create and use a blog (thanks Katie). I am glad that I learnt how to use a blog because it has been used in many of my other courses. I also learnt the importance of a Personal Learning Network (PLN) and how to use Twitter. This class also exposed me to digital literacy and digital citizenship.

This semester, I know that I will learn a lot about educational technology and digital literacy. I am a bit nervous going into this semester because of some of the assignments. I have not had a lot of actual teaching experience, especially in front of my peers, and I am a bit nervous about the mini lesson assignment. But, I think with some practice, I will be able to become comfortable teaching my peers and students.

Going into EDTC 400, I am seeing it as an opportunity to grow more as a professional. This semester I hope that I will be able to grow my personal learning network even more. I would like to become more active on Twitter this semester and get into more Twitter Chats about education topics with other teachers and educators. I would also like to learn how I can incorporate digital literacy into a high school math classroom. Along with learning about how to incorporate digital literacy into a subject, I would also like to learn how to teach digital literacy and digital citizenship appropriately to students of all ages. I think I will learn most about teaching digital literacy in the mini lesson presentations.

I look forward to learning new things this semester and getting out of my comfort zone! I hope that I will be able to learn a lot from this class and from my fellow classmates!

Thanks for reading my blog post! If you aren’t already, give me a follow on Twitter @MsOsachoff.

Ashley Osachoff

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