Leadership Within Schools

Hello everyone!

This week in ECS 200, we were tasked with reading some articles that discussed leadership within schools.

When I think about leadership within schools, I think about the principal and vice principal first as the leaders of a school. The article by Charlotte Danielson discussed leadership within schools and ‘regular’ classroom teachers being leaders. Prior to reading this article, I did not realize that classroom teachers could be leaders in their schools; I thought that role of leadership was left to administrators. I think it is important for teachers to become leaders in the schools they are working in.

Even though I am not currently working full-time in a school, I can begin to think about how I can become a leader in my future schools.  Simple things such as creating a reading buddies program for the older students in a school to read to younger students can be an act of leadership in the schools that I will be working in.

In my ECS 100 placement, I have seen my co-operative teacher be a huge leader in their school. I have seen my co-op teacher assist other classroom teachers with finding ways of differentiating their teaching and working with students with Personalized Program Plans. This teacher is a person that many of the other staff members turn to when they need assistance with a child’s needs or when they need help learning how to teach in a new way that benefits a student.

Luckily, the school that I have my ECS 100 placement in seems to have a good environment for teachers to become leaders, but I know that not all schools are that way. I worry that later in my life as a teacher I will encounter a school that does not have a great environment for teacher leadership and I am wondering what I should do if I feel passionate about something; yet there is not room for teacher leadership in the school?

The other online document discussed leadership in schools, but it also discussed hiring and the need for teachers in specific areas such as mathematics, science and French immersion. This need for teachers in these specific areas gives me some hope that I will be able to find a job in the near future. In my ECS 100 class, I have heard that it can be difficult for teachers to get their foot in the door and get a contract in the city. Hopefully, with my major and minor I will be able to secure a job.

Thanks for reading my blog!

Ashley Osachoff

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