The End of EDTC 300

Hello everyone and welcome to my Summary of Learning blog post!

Two months ago, I started EDTC 300 and I was pretty clueless about technology. I often called on my dad or little brother for assistance with technology. In two months, I have learnt quite a lot about technology and I have become very comfortable with using Twitter, WordPress, Tweetdeck, and Feedly. Even though I have learnt quite a lot about technology, I still have had to call upon my brother to assist me with this summary of learning post.

Tech Support (a.k.a. my brother)

For my summary of learning post, I wanted to combine tech with non-tech. I decided that I would do a white board drawing for this post. I did not realize how much time it would take to create and edit this video. I thought it would be easy and take me at maximum of an hour or two. I was wrong. It took me way longer than two hours to create this because I was using some new technology.

There was quite a few steps in creating this video that I did not take into account. First, I had to record myself drawing all of the pictures. Since I am slightly a perfectionist, I had to record a few takes. After I was finally happy with my drawings, I had to record the voice over for the video. Thankfully, much to his displeasure, my boyfriend assisted me with recording both the video and the voice over. (If you check out my Twitter, he is the one that created the dinosaur.) After recording all of the videos and my voice, I proceeded to attempt to edit them. Key word: attempt. I got all of my videos cropped and ready to edit, only to find out the software that I was using did not allow me to speed up the pace of a section of my video. This was very important because my video was over sixteen minutes long and I had to narrow it down to five to seven minutes.  Thankfully, tech support (my little brother), had the technology on his computer that would allow me to properly edit my videos and he was nice enough to let me borrow his computer for a few hours.

My film crew for most of my videos. James (my boyfriend) and Dex (his dog)

After a few hours of figuring out the technology, I was finally able to make my finished video! I am super proud that I went out of my comfort zone and tried out some completely new technology. Now, I am not an artist, but I tried my best with the drawings. I hope that you enjoy the video because, even though it was difficult to create, I enjoyed making this video.

If you don’t want to watch the whole video, below is the script that I followed almost to a tee with my voice over. In the script there are links to some of the things that I discussed in my video as well.

Thank you for taking the time to watch (or read) my video. I hope you enjoyed it! Even though it was a lot of work, I really enjoyed EDTC 300. I plan on taking EDTC 400 next winter and I hope to see some of you there! Thank you all for a great two months!

Ashley Osachoff


Hello everyone and welcome to my summary of learning post. I will discuss what I have learnt in the past two months in EDTC 300. In the first week we, learnt about Twitter and Blogging.

Wait. This is super boring. EDTC 300 is not boring at all. Let me show you all the fun stuff that I have learnt in the past two months.

Welcome to draw my life… well more like two months. Welcome to draw my journey through EDTC 300 2018 Spring Course.

Before I started this course, I did not know a lot about technology. I knew how to work my phone and basic Microsoft apps on my computer. So when Katia started discussing Twitter, PLNs and Blogging, I was stressed. Even though I was stressed, I was willing to learn as much as I possibly could.

When I first started EDTC 300, I had no clue what a PLN was, but I quickly learnt that it was a Personal Learning Network. A PLN is something that I can contribute to, but other people can also help me grow it. I really did not have a PLN before I started this class, but I was able to grow my network quickly.

I started my PLN with my very own blog that I created on Blogging was a totally new territory for me and I was really nervous to start. Katia showed everyone how to make an amazing blog on and I learnt how to make pages, posts (yes there is a difference between the two), categories, comments, menus, and widgets. It took me some time, but I was able to create a blog that I am very proud of and it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Along with creating my very own blog, I also created my own Twitter account. Twitter was another scary place for me as I had no clue what it was. Twitter was terrifying, but I was able to create my own account and add my own information on it. I was thrown right into the deep end with Twitter when I participated in the #saskedchat. The twitter chat was not that difficult, thanks to Tweetdeck which makes it so easy to keep track of hashtags, profiles and accounts. After taking part in the twitter chat, I quickly learnt about hashtags, retweets, replying and how to write everything I wanted to say in 280 characters.

Creating a Twitter account and Blog have added to my PLN, but they have also helped shape my digital identity. Before I took part in EDTC 300, when people googled my name, I did not pop up. Another person who lives in Ontario popped up. By creating a Twitter account and a Blog, I am creating a positive digital identity. To create a positive identity online, I have to THINK before I post. I am not the only person online, my future students are online and they should be taught the nine elements of digital citizenship.

EDTC 300 has not only taught me about digital citizenship, but it has also taught me the importance of being safe, kind and respectful online. I can take all of my knowledge with me to teach my future students.

In EDTC 300, I not only learnt about how to grow my own PLN and create a digital identity, but I also was shown a whole bunch of cool apps and extensions that I can use in my future classroom and throughout the rest of my university career. Some of the most useful and cool extensions that I was shown are Screencastify, Distraction Free YouTube, and Self Control. Some of the apps that I can use in my future classroom include Peardeck, Mentimeter, Kahoot, Plickers and many more.

And now to my favourite part of EDTC 300. CODING! I was so excited to learn how important coding is and how easy it is for students to learn how to code themselves. Participating in an hour of code was by far my favourite activity because my math brain loves the organization of coding. Coding is super fun and easy and you should definitely check out or Scratch if you have not already!

And now we are at the end of EDTC 300. These past two months have been an amazing experience. I have learnt so much in this time and my brain is stuffed full of technologies that I will be able to take with me into my placements and my future classroom. EDTC 300 is a class that has changed my digital life forever.

I will miss EDTC 300, but don’t worry, I’ll be back for EDTC 400.

See you soon!

Ashley Osachoff

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