Learning ASL – It’s a Wrap

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my *sniff sniff* last learning project post.

For my learning project, as many of you may know, I decided that I would be learning ASL. I thought that I would be able to learn the whole ASL language in two short months. I know, not a realistic goal. I thought that learning ASL would be a lot easier since I would not have to talk. Boy, was I wrong.

Learning ASL, in my experience, was just as difficult as learning any other spoken language. I found it difficult to position my hands properly and remember all of the signs. I also found it hard to properly position my hands to mirror the person in the video. I often get my lefts and rights mixed up and trying to mirror someone confuses me quite a lot.

I did not have a great goal for my learning project and in hindsight, I wish I would have laid out a better plan for myself to learn ASL. I also wish I would have found the videos from Sign Language 101 a lot sooner because they are great videos that easily teach ASL. I also really like the quizzes at the end of the videos.

From this learning project, I have come to realize the importance of having a physical teacher when learning something like a language. I would have preferred to have someone there with me to help position my hands properly and sign with me.

Even though I didn’t learn the whole ASL language, I still learnt quite a bit of ASL. In two months, I learnt a lot of signs and I recorded my progress each week. Below is a list of all of the signs that I have learnt over the past few months and blog posts that I had created to showcase my progress.


Numbers and Colours

Body Language and Gestures


Conversation with Danielle

Common Signs and Phrases

Looking back, I have learnt so much in ASL and I would like to continue to learn more ASL, but maybe at a slower pace. I hope to finish all of the videos from Sign Language 101 and be able to remember all the signs that I have previously learnt. This may be the end of my learning project, but this is not the end of my journey of learning ASL.

Thank you for following me through my journey of learning some ASL. I hope that at least one or two people decide to try to learn ASL themselves. It is a great way to communicate!

Ashley Osachoff

2 thoughts on “Learning ASL – It’s a Wrap

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  2. Hi Ashley,
    As you said, learning ASL is a different language, and it’s as complex if not more complex than ours. You’ve done a brilliant job learning what you have, and as you’ve stated this is only the beginning. Keep it up!

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