Learning ASL – Not just Me!

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog post!

This week I decided to try something different and have an ASL conversation with someone else! I decided to collaborate with Danielle Kelln from my EDTC 300 class. She is also learning ASL and Katia Hildebrandt gave us the idea that we should try to do a collaboration post since we were both learning ASL as our learning project.

Learning ASL by myself and only using technology has been difficult. I was excited to have the opportunity to communicate with someone else who is learning ASL. I knew that Danielle had been learning ASL for her learning project and that she was learning similar signs to the ones that I was learning or planned to learn. We decided that we would have a quick conversation over Zoom that we would record so everyone could see the progress that we have both made. We created the conversation ahead of time on a google document so we could practice before we actually recorded.

I am so glad that we had time to practice. I was planning on learning a lot of the signs that we would be using, but I did not know many of the signs prior to creating the conversation. I had to research a lot of the signs that we would be using. I also asked Danielle which app that she was using to learn ASL (she was using The ASL App) and I used it a lot.

I was really nervous for this conversation because I had to learn a lot of the signs for the first time. I searched through google and the ASL App to find all of the signs that I did not know. I used the ASL App for a lot of the sayings, such as “hello”, “nice to meet you”, “I am hearing”, “what” and “I am from”. I also used the third video from Sign Language 101 to learn the other signs that I did not know. The other website that I used was lifeprint.com to learn the sign “little”.

I practiced the signs a lot before we recorded the video to ensure that I could sign the conversation properly and be able to understand what Danielle was signing. Even though I practiced a lot for the conversation, I was still nervous when we were recording. I messed up a couple of my signs, but I ensured that I signed the correct sign before moving on. Even though I messed up a few signs, I am still happy that I tried to have a conversation with another person in ASL.

Here’s the video of our conversation! If you don’t want to watch the video, the Google Document of the conversation can be found here.

(My computer and internet connection was being very slow and cutting in and out when we recorded, so at some points I was signing fairly slow to ensure that my internet was working.)

I am glad that I reached out to Danielle to create this video. I feel more confident and motivated to learn more ASL. I would like to thank Danielle Kelln for taking the time to record the video with me! You should all go check out her blog as well.

In my next blog post I will be recording a video of myself doing some of the signs and phrases that I learnt from the third video from Sign Language 101.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post and watch the video. Comment below what you think about the video and the progress that I have been making. Go follow Danielle on Twitter and on her blog!

See you soon!

Ashley Osachoff

6 thoughts on “Learning ASL – Not just Me!

  1. This was such a great idea and the outcome was so successful! I loved watching the conversation between you two and I loved how you guys connected in order to contribute to each others learning! Kudos to both of you! 🙂

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  2. What an amazing idea and you guys rocked it! I love how you put the words at the bottom so us who do not know ASL can understand! You can use this learning project anywhere you go! Your have inspired me throughout your learning project to go and learn ASL myself! So use full in everyday life and your future careers!

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