Learning ASL – Hello, Yes, No, Goodbye

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my learning project post! This week I have been practicing my ASL a lot! I had a conversation with Danielle earlier this week, which you can read all about on this blog post.

I had to learn a lot of new signs to prepare for the conversation that I was going to have with Danielle. I was planning on watching the third video from Sign Language 101 and thankfully it contained a lot of the signs that I needed to learn to prepare for the conversation with Danielle. The third video contained a lot of common sings and phrases that I could use in every day settings.

I really enjoyed learning the signs from the third video! Thankfully, I did not need another wake-up call when watching the video since I remembered most of my signs from the previous week.

The third video had A LOT of signs and phrases within it. There were over 70 new signs or phrases for me to learn. It took me a bit longer to learn the signs within this video, simply because there were a lot all at once. I took the quiz after only watching the video once and I did not do well. I decided to go back and watch the video over again to learn the signs. I also broke up the signs into three parts so I could focus on twenty to thirty signs at a time. I found breaking up the video made it a lot easier for me to remember the signs and phrases.

I made three videos for this post. I broke up the big list of signs into the three smaller groups that I learnt the signs in and recorded each of the groups separately. I found it a lot easier to record and edit the videos as well because they were so short. Here are the three videos in order!

Speaking of editing… you will notice something a bit different about these three videos and the video that I made with Danielle.

I decided that I would venture out of my comfort zone this week and tackle some video editing software. In my previous videos, I have been using pieces of paper to identify the signs that I was doing. I was getting kind of sick of cutting out and wasting all the paper. I thought it would be a good idea to challenge myself and try out something completely new. I downloaded Windows Movie Maker to edit the videos that are part of this post.

I found it really easy to use the Windows Movie Maker, but it is very time consuming to edit the videos. It took me quite some time to edit each of the videos and add in each subtitle for every word that I signed. But I have to say, the finished product is definitely worth all the effort. I am super proud that I didn’t get frustrated with the new technology and give up and go back to my old paper ways. I will be using this video software in the future for sure!

Thanks for reading my blog post! Sadly this is the last learning project post that I will be making for EDTC 300 before my wrap up post! Thank you all for following me on this journey! I hope you all have enjoyed watching me learn ASL and I hope that I have inspired at least one person to learn ASL themselves!

See you soon!

Ashley Osachoff

4 thoughts on “Learning ASL – Hello, Yes, No, Goodbye

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  2. Ashley,
    What an awesome post! You make learning ASL look so easy! I love all the videos you have been sharing. Keep up the great work!


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