Learning ASL – Pronouns

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog post that once again took forever to make. For this learning project, I decided that I would learn some pronouns in ASL.

I used the second video from Sign Language 101 to learn some pronouns in ASL. I really enjoyed watching this video and learning the pronouns, but I did not watch the whole video because I have already learnt the alphabet and the numbers, or so I thought. I watched the video from the beginning of the pronoun section to the end which included a quiz at the end.

So, the quiz kinda kicked my butt a bit.

The quiz at the end gave me a good wake up call. I did not recognize all of the signs immediately and when I tried to practice my alphabet and numbers, I forgot some of the letter and numbers. I forgot the sign for D, F, X, 10, 20, and 21. Luckily a quick look at my previous learning project posts and I remembered what the signs were. Thankfully this wake-up call was the kick that I needed to practice my signs more often. Most of the signs that I learnt at the beginning of my learning project are not commonly used signs that I can associate with everyday things. Luckily, I plan on learning more signs that I can use and practice throughout my day to day life.

After the good kick in the butt, I have been practicing my signs when I am in the passenger seat on the way to and from work. This week I also learnt fourteen pronouns in ASL. I found it a lot easier to remember the pronouns because I can use them more often in my daily life. I also noticed some patterns within the pronouns, such as “ourselves” is the same motion as “we” but with a thumbs up. The patterns that I found made it a lot easier for me to remember the pronouns too.

Below is a video of me signing the pronouns that I learnt this week.

Could you guess any before I showed what they were? Comment below if you did!

Next week I plan on using the third video from Sign Language 101 to learn more signs that I can use in daily life. I also hope to stop using paper to describe what I am signing and I am working on figuring out how to use a program, with the help of my brother of course, that will allow me to add words into my videos!

Thanks for reading my blog post!


5 thoughts on “Learning ASL – Pronouns

  1. Hi Ashley! Looks like you are making some great progress. What has been the biggest challenge for you thus far? Do you think you will keep up with your ASL after we are done this class? I know learning any new language is difficult but you are doing great, keep it up.


    • Hey Kelsey! Thanks for the motivation. I think my biggest challenge so far is trying to stay on top of remembering and practicing my signs. I also think that not learning signs that I can use all the time has been a challenge. I am planning on learning more common signs for my next video which should help. I do plan on continuing to learn more signs because a lot of my clients use sign language to communicate. Thanks for reading my post!


  2. Hi Ashley,
    I love the fact that you were so honest and upfront in your blog this week. You admitted you hadn’t been practicing as much as you should have, and didn’t remember what you thought you knew. This is such an important lesson. Review and practice are key to retaining new information. A great lesson.

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