No Paper?

Hello everyone!

This week in EDTC 300 we were assigned a really fun blog post! We had to create a blog post about some technologies that can be used in the classroom and we were to make this blog post with a partner in the class. Luckily I did not have to go through the awkward phase of looking for a partner as Brianna Gelowitz and I texted each other almost at the same time wondering if we wanted to be partners.

Brianna and I took a bit of time trying to find a topic to discuss. The topic we finally came up with was paperless classrooms. Paperless classrooms have been a topic of discussion in both our EDTC 300 class and other education chats including the #saskedchat. There are many pros and cons to having a paperless classroom and Brianna and I decided that we would outline them to you in a messaging format.

After about two to three hours of typing and perfecting what we wanted to say, and coffee of course, Brianna and I finally finished. We outlined both the pros and cons that are associated with a paperless classroom and some of the concerns that parents may have in three short videos. We tried Screencastify for the first time to record the conversation that we had. I have to say, I thought it would be a lot harder to use, but Screencastify was really simple to use! We also have a link to the discussion if you do not want to watch the video here.

After we finally finished the videos

mmm… coffee








Below are the videos in order for the conversation between Brianna and I discussing paperless classrooms.

Thank you for watching all the videos! I hope you enjoyed our takes on paperless classrooms. If you have any other pros and cons for paperless classrooms, please comment below! Thanks for reading my blog post!

Ashley Osachoff

9 thoughts on “No Paper?

    • Thanks! We knew the videos were a bit long, so we decided to also add in the link to the document We did this so people had the option to either watch the video, or if they didn’t have twenty minutes to spare, they could just read the document.


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