Learning ASL – Gestures and Body Language

Hello everyone and welcome to my learning project post!

So, I am a terrible procrastinator and this blog post is much later than I wanted. But I finally did it!

In my last post, I stated that I was going to watch both lesson one and two from Sign Language 101, but the first video was very different from what I expected. So, instead of using both videos in this post, I decided that I would only blog about the first video in this post. I will create a small post about the end of the second lesson or add it onto my next blog post (which should be posted soon).

The first lesson is titled “Gestures and Body Language” and I thought that it would be about signs that represented gestures such as hi, hello, goodbye, etc. However, this video was more of an introduction video to the rest of the lessons. This video talked a lot about what is to come in the future videos, some common gestures that a person can learn if they forget a sign, and the importance of body language and facial expression when using ASL.

This is the video that I watched.

So, after watching the video, I realized I should have watched it first before I learnt any ASL.

I did not realize the importance of facial expression and body language when using ASL. It made me rethink the way that I was signing and my lack of facial expressions. I also realized that ASL is a two way language and that I need to learn how to understand what other people are signing as well as learn how to sign myself. I liked that this lesson introduced a lot of gestures (and some signs) that I could use if I forget the sign for something. I also realized how important my facial expression is when signing. For example, I cannot be smiling when I want to communicate that I am angry.

I really enjoyed watching and learning from this lesson. There was a lot of gestures that I was introduced to. Some of these gestures are the actual signs for the word, while others are gestures that get the message across when someone forgets the sign. For this video, I decided that I would do the gesture first, then hold up the paper that states what the gesture means. I challenge everyone that is watching the video to try to guess what I am communicating before I put up the paper. (I promise I will give you enough time to guess it).

Here’s the video!

Well, how’d you do? Let me know in the comments section how well you did and if any gestures stumped you.

I really enjoyed Sign Language 101’s first video lesson. I liked that it had the quiz piece at the end so that I had the chance to test my knowledge of what I just learnt. The test at the end also gave me the chance to read another person’s signs. I wish I would have watched this video at the very beginning of my learning project, but hey, better late than never. I found this video very beneficial and I will be using the other videos to learn ASL.

For my next post, I want to have the signs for pronouns. I also would like to watch and learn the signs from the third video from Sign Language 101.

Thanks for reading my blog post! Comment below your thoughts on my videos and any tips that you have on my signing. I’d love the feedback. If you aren’t already, follow me on Twitter @MsOsachoff

See you soon!

Ashley Osachoff

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