Creeping on My Best Friend

Hello everyone!

This week’s blog post was by far one of my favourite blog posts to do, mainly because I got to creep on my best friend. I was tasked with cyber sleuthing one of my best friends, Brianna Gelowitz.

Now, I have known Brianna for many years. We were both raised in Regina in similar areas of the city. I grew up playing against her in sports throughout elementary school, but we did not become friends until half way through high school. The reason we became friends at first, was because I needed a ride to school and she had a car and was in similar early classes with me. Now, a few years later, we are still really good friends and I was excited when I was able to creep on her digital identity.

Grad with Brianna

One of my favourite pictures with Brianna








I know Brianna pretty well in the personal sense. I follow her on Facebook and now on Twitter since both of us are in the EDTC 300 class. Since I know Brianna pretty well and follow her on most of my social media accounts, I had to search her up through a private window on Firefox to get an accurate idea of what Brianna’s digital identity looks like.

When I first decided to search Brianna on Google, I knew I had to add in ‘Regina’ in order to get a good idea of her digital identity because I know there are a lot of Gelowitzs around. In order to find Brianna’s digital identity, I googled ‘Brianna Gelowitz Regina’. I was surprised to find that the first two items that showed up on Google were a GoFundMe page and an article about a fire in Fort Qu’Appelle. Thankfully these two articles were not about Brianna and it was about a family with the same last name. The third and fourth results that came up on Google were Brianna’s Twitter account and her blog.

The Google Results that showed up when I Googled “Brianna Gelowitz Regina”

Creeping on Brianna was difficult because I had to forget all the things that I know about her due to being her friend. I had to look at Brianna’s accounts without any biases. I used Katie Hildebrant’s template as a guide when I was creeping on Brianna. I found that using this template made finding information a lot easier.

From Brianna’s Twitter and blog, I found out that she is currently a student at the University of Regina. She is enrolled in the Faculty of Education in Secondary Education with a major in Social Studies and a minor in English. Brianna is also a daycare worker and a camp counsellor at Camp Monahan. I could not find Brianna’s Facebook, so it was difficult to find out her birthday and more personal information. I know that Brianna is from Regina, Saskatchewan and proud of it. I found accurate pictures of her on Twitter and on Google images.

Brianna’s image from Twitter

The first picture of Brianna on Google Images








Since I could not find Brianna’s Facebook through Google, I read through her ‘All About Brianna’ page on her blog to find out more personal information about Brianna. On her page, Brianna discussed her love for Saskatchewan, history and travel. (From reading her ‘All About Brianna’ page, I learnt that Brianna has been to the Bahamas which was news to me. She may have told me before that she went to the Bahamas, but knowing me, I probably forgot.)

I know that Brianna has Facebook and Instagram, but when I googled her name I could not find either of these accounts. I even went to the second page of the google search. I know I’m crazy. When I googled Brianna’s name, I found her Twitter and her blog and some of the categories of her blog. Like Nicole Lee explains in her article “Having multiple online identities is more normal than you think”, Brianna has multiple social media accounts used for different purposes. Like the article states, people use different sites that have different audiences with different purposes and Brianna is no exception. I know that Brianna uses her Twitter and blog for more professional audiences and she uses Facebook and Instagram for more personal audience such as her friends and family.

Based on Brianna’s digital footprint, I thought that Brianna came off very professional on her Twitter and her blog, but she was much more personal on her blog. I found that Brianna’s true personality shows through on her blog. Brianna’s digital footprint is a good representation of who she is. Brianna has a more professional voice on her Twitter account. Based solely on Brianna’s digital footprint, I would definitely trust her with a student. She seems to be working in fields that work with children and she seems to enjoy working with children as well. Brianna’s photos are also very welcoming and she looks very kind and friendly. If I was looking for someone to hire for a teaching position, I would definitely hire Brianna as it seems that she has a lot of experience with working with children and that she thoroughly enjoys History and English (both the subjects she is majoring and minoring in). I am Brianna’s friend already, but if I did not know her I would want to be her friend as I love kids and love to travel like she does.

Brianna Gelowitz is a perfect example of having a healthy balance between a personal and professional presence online. I think Brianna shares enough personal and professional information online. Since Brianna’s Twitter and blog are the third and fourth items that show up on Google, I would advise Brianna to continue to post on her blog and Twitter so they are the top too items that show up when someone googles her. However, Brianna is very present online and her true personality is shining through. I would only suggest that she adds more personality to her Twitter, like she has on her blog.

I am lucky enough to know Brianna both personally and now professionally.  I really enjoyed creeping on her. I learnt a few things about her, but I am also very proud to call her my friend. Overall I think that Brianna has a great digital footprint and if she continues to be present online, her digital footprint will continue to look this way.

Thank you for reading my blog post! (I know it was a bit long.) Go follow Brianna on Twitter and check out her blog! Follow me on Twitter if you are not already. Comment below your thoughts on this post and any tips that you have for cyber sleuthing.

Ashley Osachoff

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