Ahh Twitter… My Old Arch Nemesis

Hey everyone!

So I learnt how to use Twitter on Thursday’s class (when I was thrown right into the deep end during saskedchat) and I have to say it’s not that bad.

I participated in the Sask Ed Chat on Thursday with the rest of my EDTC 300 class and it was a really cool experience! I was terrified going into the class because I thought that the Twitter chat was starting right at 7:30 pm when the class started and there would be little direction, other than go have fun kids.  Thankfully, Katie taught us how to use Twitter before we dove into the Twitter chat. I had the basics going into the Twitter chat, but by the end of the chat (which was only from 8:00 to 9:00 pm thankfully) I felt extremely confident in using Twitter and tweeting. I liked the learning on the fly through the Sask Ed Chat as it forced me to learn how to tweet quickly. I really enjoy tweeting, except for when I kept forgetting a hashtag and having to delete and redo my tweets, and after taking part in the Sask Ed Chat, I see the benefit of using Twitter in the classroom.

Twitter is a great way to connect with fellow classmates, teachers, and other professionals that are part of the education and teaching community. Twitter can also be a huge help in the classroom. Through using Twitter and being connected with other educators, I will be able to share and borrow resources and ideas that others tweet about. Twitter is not only a great platform to learn about new educational technologies, but it is also a perfect tool to use to find articles that other educators find helpful. Twitter can connect teachers across the globe and creates a really great learning community.

Twitter used to be my worst nightmare, but after a bit of practice and a lot of tweets (in my mind it’s a lot of tweets, it’s probably only 20-30 tweets actually) it has become a website that I really enjoy using. I know that I like Twitter, but I know that not everyone likes it as much as I do. What are your thoughts on Twitter? I’d love to hear about it in the comments or tweet me at @MsOsachoff on Twitter!

Thanks for reading my post!

Ashley Osachoff

2 thoughts on “Ahh Twitter… My Old Arch Nemesis

  1. I am excited about my new found relationship with Twitter. This course has already taught me that Twitter is a great tool to expand one’s PLN. The #saskedchat we participated in was a bit daunting at first, but it was really neat being able to connect and discuss a topic with others live. I found that TweetDeck really helped me keep up with the chat.

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  2. I am glad that you felt okay with the SaskEdChat, I really enjoyed moderating it and having you all join in. It was truly a great experience and I think we both learned so much from each other… A community of learning. It is also great how unsure you were about Twitter at first but still dove it, regardless if you had to or not. There are so many benefits to Twitter and I cannot wait to hear what else comes from it.

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