Learning ASL – ABC’s

I wanted to make this post much earlier, but due to an unexpected medical emergency with a family member I was unable to post until now. I had a bit of family that was from out of town over at my house and I was travelling to and from the hospital with them and sadly I was unable to focus on my learning project. Thankfully, everyone is okay and back home safe and sound. My house has been quiet for the past few days, so I was finally able to focus on my learning project!

Hello everyone!

After a week of craziness, I have finally been able to focus on my learning project! I wanted to learn both the ASL alphabet and some basic words by this week, but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I was only able to learn the ASL alphabet.

The ASL alphabet with five numbers

Photo Credit: anathea Flickr via Compfight cc

To learn the alphabet, I went to my most trusted learning tool: YouTube. I searched in Google “ASL alphabet” and I chose a video that looked simple enough for me to learn from. It was also the shortest and the first video that popped up on the Google search. I watched the video a few times and tried to follow along. I had to pause the video a couple of times and rewind it to try to figure out how to get my fingers to make the D (I kept putting my pinky up instead of my index finger), K, and P, but eventually I was able to memorize the alphabet.

After initially learning the alphabet on Sunday night, I kept practicing it from memory when I had the time (while watching TV, on my way to the gym and while sitting in bed). I practiced a lot on Sunday and I thought I still had memorized all the letters perfectly, so I thought I would put what I had learnt to the test. I decided that since I was watching my boyfriend’s younger sibling, that I would teach him the alphabet.  Thankfully he was totally game to learn how to sign the alphabet and then later learn how to sign his name. He even agreed to help me with my video and show everyone else what we learnt.

He’s only eleven and had a long day when we took the video so he’s kinda sleepy at some points. Also keep in mind that he only learnt the alphabet an hour before we made the video.

I was insanely impressed with how quickly he was able to pick up on the signs! He did such an amazing job and was really patient with me, even when I had to really think about what some letters were.

So, I may have forgotten what the sign was for F and I had to Google it after I went through the alphabet with him the first time and totally blanked on what F was.

Here’s a video of him and I doing the alphabet together!

I want to send out a special thanks to my boyfriend’s little brother for being a great sport and learning the alphabet with me and to my boyfriend for recording the video of us!

Thank you for taking the time to watch my video and read through my blog post. I’m hoping that by next week (as long as there’s no more unexpected family visits) that I will master the alphabet and learn ASL numbers, colours and some other basic signs such as yes, no, maybe, etc.

See you next week!

Ashley Osachoff

5 thoughts on “Learning ASL – ABC’s

  1. Hey Ashley!!

    I think that what you are learning is so cool! I think that is certainly something that is really useful especially in today’s classrooms. Learning ASL opens up many new doors of learning and teaching opportunities that are highly valuable going into a career in teaching. I believe that you have already made really good progress and I am excited to learn more about your journey learning this subject!

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  2. Hi Ashley,

    You’ve worked so hard on this project, inspite of all the family and emotional turmoil you’ve been under. Bravo, for being so strong and committed to our class. Learning anything new is always difficult and you’ve put in the time and effort to pull off the alphabet in ASL. Well done! This will be an awesome skill to have under your belt once you’ve finished. I’m sure you’ll find it useful in the future.


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