A Website that Changed My Life

Hello everyone!

(I’m surprised people are coming back to a second blog post)

So it’s Thursday today, one day before Friday and my last day of the work week before May long, and it’s the day that I can sit down and focus on working, while drinking  a few cups of coffee of course.

My coffee that I was definitely not drinking while I was writing this blog.

For my EDTC 300 course, we have to post in twitter and tweet about articles that we are reading. When I saw that we would be tweeting out articles, I once again freaked out. At the beginning of the course, I was stressed out to the max because I knew I would not have time to scour the internet looking for articles about education and technology. But, fear not my readers, Katie Hildebrandt (my EDTC 300 instructor) comes in on Tuesday and saves the day. She showed us Feedly, the time saving website that finds blogs and articles for you.

I got a Feedly account (it’s free, so even broke university students can afford it) and it saved me from spending hours and hours searching through the internet for education blogs (and scrolling through Facebook when I got bored from searching without any luck). To find the articles that I needed for EDTC 300, all I had to do was type in hashtags into Feedly’s search area (i.e. #edtech, #education, etc.) and BOOM a whole bunch of blogs pop up that relate to the hashtags I searched. All I had to do was follow the ones that I liked, the ones that sounded interesting and had lots of other followers, and all of the articles that the blogs that I follow showed up in my feed.

What my feed on Feedly currently looks like

So far I have chosen five blogs to follow for my Edtech/Education board and I chose them for the most basic reasons (and because I’m lazy and did not want to spend time searching for blogs); they were at the top of the search and they all had a lot of followers. I decided to follow TED Education, Education : NPR, Education Technology, Free Technology for Teachers and Mind Shift. So far, my favourite blog is Free Technology for Teachers because they wrote two articles that really spoke to me. The first article is “The Science of Cookies” and the second one is “How Coffee Effects the Brain” because (me being a cookie lover and a coffee addict,) these articles really caught my eye. I found them really interesting because they both had videos (which means way less words for me to read) which really explained the topic.


Way more science in cookies than I thought!





Feedly is now my new best friend, especially for the EDTC 300 course, and I will definitely continue to use it in the future. I will be tweeting out more articles that I find on Feedly on my twitter, @MsOsachoff, so check me out and let me know if you try Feedly and find some interesting articles!

Thanks for reading my blog!

Ashley Osachoff

3 thoughts on “A Website that Changed My Life

  1. Hi Ashley,
    Yes, I too was nervous at the thoughts of hunting through the internet looking for interesting articles on education. Thankfully we had Feedly to help us on our educational journey. Isn’t Feedly Fantastic! I’ve spent hours on the sight this afternoon looking through articles and I’ve enjoyed them all. Feedly is a great way to learn new things, and it’s easy to share your new findings with your twitter followers. This truly shows one powerful way technology can be used in a positive way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Ashley, I love your wit and personality that comes through so strongly in your writing!
    Your interests and info for Feedly are really great, but don’t forget to link, link, link!!! All your info is super useful, but remember for blogs you want to make it super easy for the reader to find everything!

    Liked by 1 person

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