About Me

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Ashley Osachoff. I am currently in my final year of Secondary Education at the University of Regina. I am majoring in Math and minoring in Inclusive Education.

After three years of learning and growing as an educator, I am finally entering into my internship semester. I will be interning at Manor School, which is a K-12 school in a small rural town in South-East Saskatchewan. During my internship I will be focusing on my major subject area of Math, but I know I will include the practices of Inclusive Education in all of my lessons.

I am extremely excited to begin internship in the Fall and I know it will be one crazy experience, especially when I am learning how to teach throughout a pandemic. Throughout my internship journey, I will attempt to update my blog regularly (I cannot make any concrete promises for how frequent it will be) on the lessons that I have taught and my learning experience throughout internship.

I have grown as an educator and as a person in the last three years of university and I am looking forward to putting the knowledge that I have acquired into action. It will be a difficult journey at times, with many ups and downs, but in the end, I know it will be a fun and amazing learning experience that will help me grow as an educator and prepare me for work in the field of Education.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Please feel free to comment or leave helpful tips and tricks on any of the posts that I create!

Ashley Osachoff